Dave's Gym

My Dad has alway's lifted weights... or at least that's the way it seems. Thinking back, there is not a time I can remember where we didn't have access to some sort of weights or gym equipment around the house because of my Dad. He would always tell my brothers and I that we could have amazing physiques if we would work out consistently, and his own physical appearance is a testament to that. When I finally moved into a house of my own it was important for me to have a "Gymrage" of my own. I have grown to really enjoy working out in my garage, it provides me the opportunity to just put my headphones in and escape into a world of Weights and Music. As much as I appreciate my own Gym it was awesome to get in a light workout at my Dad's Gym yesterday. Just the difference in the feel and look of his Barbells and Dumbells made the exercises I do often seem slightly different. My Dad's equipment is nothing fancy, in fact most of it is a bit dated but the combination or Rust, Duct Taped padding and peeling stickers is a cool reminder that your not there to look cute but to "GET TO THE GAINS"!