Special Delivery

Fitness Apparel Special Delivery

I can not emphasize enough how much I LOVE great design and attention to detail, It's one of the reason for starting BulkGear in the first place. I believe great design should not just go into the imagery that is created for use on products but also for the little design nuggets that will ultimately combine to set BulkGear apart from any other Fitness Brand in the Industry. Being hugely influenced by such brands as Benny Gold, Johnny Cupcakes and The Hundreds, it is my mission to create something special and relatable not only to Hard Core Gym Rats, but also the casual Gym Goer who just really enjoys eating somewhat clean and Lifting away the days stress. I want to inject as much personality into BulkGear's imagery and design that people who can only interact with BulkGear through the website or social media can really get a feel for what THE BRAND is all about, whether they're 10 miles or 10 thousand miles away.

Below is a Shipment Notification Graphic I created that will eventually be sent out our customers once their package is ready to be shipped. Now we could have simply found a generic version of this on the web and saved a ton of time, but it would have lacked that "Special Something" I am trying to give to our fans and followers.....and that's PERSONALITY! 

Until next time....Get to the GAINS!

-Maxx Bulk